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Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Application Solutions

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

As a print service provider, you constantly have to grow your business and ensure your customers’ loyalty. At a time where print services are readily available and more comparable than ever, how do you differentiate in the printing market? And how do you retain your customers?

  • You need to expand your business by developing new markets and finding new customers.
  • You want to offer your customers new print products with additional benefits.
  • You can be more competitive and productive by automating the creation of personalised marketing materials.
  • You must lower the time and investment involved with learning to use new applications.
  • You need more automation in your workflows and have to reduce the cost of transactional printing.
  • Enter multi channel communication market.



pdf Variable Data Publishing Brochure, PDF


PlanetPress Suite
Adding value to business documents

PlanetPress Connect
Making the business visible to new customer groups

PrintShop Mail Suite
PrintShop Mail Suite is a powerful VDP solution.

Sophisticated one-to-one marketing made easy


One-to-one marketing
Clear focus on specific customer interests increases response rates, enhances customer loyalty and maximises the return on marketing investment

Achieves enhanced cost efficiency through the use of dedicated advertising in transactional documents

Integration into printing workflows
Optimises overall productivity and efficiency, avoiding the numerous manual interventions previously required in digital workflows

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