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The myFax server is an innovative product designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. It allows users to send and receive faxes from the desktop or browser, also converting faxes to TIFF files allowing you to receive faxes wherever you are.

The solution allows you to receive faxes as e-mails and send faxes from any application that can print. It provides secure and convenient faxing for users, offering a high degree of privacy for both the sender and the recipient.

The solution caters for Multi-line Support where the equipment models with variety of selection help adapt to different types of customers. Users can share faxes and files with LAN (local area networks) or even internet. It eliminates the use of paper while faxing, reduces the costs of toner and paper, provides maximum storage capacity and simplifies fax management.


pdfMyFax Brochure


    • User management
    • Address Book
    • Fax Monitoring
    • System Log (myFAX provides various system logs for administrators including, user login, fax sent log, received fax log, fax distribution log and internet transmit log. All logs can export to Excel format)
    • Sending and Receiving Faxes
    • Automatic Fax Conversion
    • Fax Queue
    • Delay Fax Sent (Users may send faxes by specified time)
    • Fax Broadcast
    • Fax Resend
    • Inbound Fax Routing
    • Internal Transfer
    • Fax Status
    • Fax to Email
    • Email to Fax
    • Print2Fax


    • Desktop faxing
    • Fax without paper
    • Network fax sharing
    • Maximum storage capacity
    • Maximized office efficiency
    • Improved record keeping
    • Increased productivity
    • Saved time
    • Reduced costs
    • Manage expenses associated with prints, faxes, scans and telephone usage
    • User friendly system
    • Guaranteed reliability

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