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PageScope Net Care Device Manager - more productive with effective central monitoring

Administrating an office is not only about managing users and authorisations. The essential task of any IT administrator is the monitoring of all networked output devices, their status, availability and performance. Printers and MFPs that can’t be used due to depleted consumables or technical problems will keep employees from performing their tasks as usual and thus have a negative impact on the overall productivity in the office.

As the core element of the Enterprise Suite, the PageScope Net Care Device Manager helps the administrator ensure constant high productivity of all registered output devices with realtime monitoring of the system status and condition. At the same time, this PageScope module provides a convenient web interface for the quick and easy configuration of network settings and machine details (name, location, department, and so on).

The PageScope Net Care Device Manager is part of the PageScope Enterprise Suite, which offers a comprehensive yet modular approach to the set-up, control and management of users, in and output devices, and related network configurations.


  • Automatic detection and registration of compatible systems on the network, requiring no manual input.
  • Fast and flexible status monitoring via the web, with icons indicating system availability or problems.
  • Individual configuring of email notifications to indicate status changes or problems, including flexible allocation of machine pools to different administrators.
  • Fast assigning of preconfigured network settings (e.g. subnets, gateways, domains) to multiple systems via templates.
  • Effective recall of counter readings from multiple systems including third-party devices (by MIB OID - Object Identifier) and automatic export e.g. to an accounting application.


  • Considerable reduction of administration efforts from comprehensive monitoring via central web interface.
  • Instant attention to problems and bottlenecks thanks to streamlined status recalls and automatic email notification.
  • Improved system productivity from maximised uptime, with positive impact on overall office productivity.
  • Enhanced user motivation, as system availability is maximised and the need for user intervention is minimised.

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