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PageScope MyPanel Manager - at home on any system

These days efficiency rules the business – and in most offices this means a generalisation of almost everything employees are confronted with. Users of MFPs frequently have to battle with preconfigured settings that often vary from one output device to the next. Address books especially in large organisations can have thousands of entries although most employees only keep regular contact with a small circle of co-workers.

Help is at hand in the office jungle with the PageScope MyPanel Manager. The application offers true individualisation of common company settings. Users can easily create their very own profiles, including individual display settings, a personal address book, and their own scan destinations. Even better, this individual user profile is automatically active at any connected MFP right after login. No more hassle from a different set-up on each output device and thousands of unwanted entries in address books!

The PageScope MyPanel Manager is part of the PageScope Enterprise Suite, which offers a comprehensive yet modular approach to the set-up, control and management of users, in and output devices, and related network configurations.


  • Simple creation and editing of personalised address books and scan destinations, including individual addresses and groups for scanning.
  • Icons for address and scan destinations facilitate identification.
  • Address registration possible via LDAP.
  • Simple and straightforward editing of personal panel contents, including desired language and individual start-up screen, via web-based GUI for administrators and users.
  • Follow-me convenience with server-based architecture: MyPanel settings are instantly active on any system after login.
  • Address book import from MS Outlook and Lotus Notes.


  • Increased user convenience with personalised profiles, thanks to preferred display language and individually adapted panel layout.
  • Faster access to regularly used scan destinations; instant availability of frequently used functions.
  • Familiar GUI automatically active on all MFPs after log-in; minimises operation time and effort, increases overall productivity.
  • Considerably reduced MFP administration – the administrator only selects the output devices for the MyPanel Manager; users administrate their own profile and address book.

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