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About Us

Konica Minolta South Africa's staff investment programme benefits customers

Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa places a high value on its in-house training and skills development programme in order to deliver on its promise to provide technically excellent products and services.

“To maintain our position as the market leader in five out of the six digital colour and monochrome segments we compete in, we have created a secure and challenging work environment in which every individual contributes to the team effort by committing to the best possible performance standards,” says Konica Minolta South Africa MD, Alan Griffith

“At Konica Minolta South Africa we have the highest technical competence. In fact, we are the only African country to employ three holders of the much valued and rare Konica Minolta Diploma in Colour and so join the international expert rank of a total of only 16 world-wide achievers of this qualification.”

In addition, this year alone, Konica Minolta has invested more than 1,400 days in training almost 370 national branches and dealer staff. Training is conducted by Konica Minolta’s internationally trained facilitators and equips learners with the best professional answers and troubleshooting expertise, as well as soft skills, which add greater value to the customer.

“As an organsation that is intensely customer driven and evaluates everything it does in terms of customer satisfaction, mediocrity, in any form, is not tolerated.  Konica Minolta South Africa thus actively supports each staff member to reach his or her potential through on-going education and training and measures explicit performance standards on a continuous basis,” says Griffith.

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