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Konica Minolta South Africa heralds local first with SharePoint integration

Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa has once again proven the importance of skills investment, becoming the first local business within its sector to enable customers to integrate their digital multifunctional devices directly into Microsoft SharePoint collaboration software.

Says Konica Minolta South Africa product manager for office products, Andrew Griffith: “Integrating into this type of environment is certainly a technological first for South Africa and is a huge feather in Konica Minolta South Africa’s cap, thanks to our software gurus. For local businesses, it means that we can assist not only in saving them costs on paper and consumables, but also on time spent managing information.”

To highlight this point, Griffith refers to a recent proof of concept project undertaken by Konica Minolta South Africa at a leading local financial and risk services provider. “The company in question must comply with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) and the Financial Advisory and Intermediate Services Act (FAIS) when it comes to capturing and storing client information,” he explains.

“Prior to our proof of concept project, they would obtain the necessary information from an individual, scan it in, open and rename it and then upload it to the customer relationship management (CRM) solution running. Data would then need to be looked up manually.

“By using our bizhub multifunctional devices to scan documents, meta data is recognised in the scan and they are automatically routed to the correct place within SharePoint.”

Griffith maintains that the organisation referred to, now saves five minutes per document scanned and entered, which at around 1,600 documents processed per month, equates to a time saving of 133 hours on a monthly basis.

“This type of massive boost in productivity brings to light a new dimension within our business solutions offering,” Griffith states. “Innovation of this kind will gain traction as businesses realise the importance of enterprise content management and the potential savings that can be made with proper integration into these environments.”

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