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Konica Minolta South Africa boasts superior colour experts – again and again and again

The first time was an incredible achievement, the second time it proved that South Africa stood on the same stage as its global counterparts and now, for the third time, Konica Minolta South Africa, a Bidvest company, illustrates why it can boast that it can deliver the best possible performance standards along with its technically excellent products and services.

Production engineer at Konica Minolta South Africa, Gerry Wessels, recently received the much-valued Konica Minolta Diploma in Colour. He joins the international expert rank of a total of only 16 worldwide achievers of this qualification - three of whom are based in South Africa.

The qualification is described by one of the first diploma holders and now assessor, Bernd Scheibner at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, as “the highest certification of Konica Minolta’s professional education, which is second to none in its design and scope in the entire printing market.”

The sought-after diploma provides its receivers with the competencies to meet the digital world’s demand for reliable services and expert consultancy in standardised results and colour output. The result is that customers benefit from highly consistent print quality and clearly defined quality standards through sophisticated colour manipulation.

“The qualification is unique in that there is a vast amount of knowledge that needs to first be acquired before sitting for the final exam,” says Wessels, who is responsible for sorting out any problems that clients are experiencing with colour workflows, Fiery colour management systems and other software.
More than 100 online exams have to be taken to reach certification levels such as Outward Associate, Professional, Expert Colour, Master of Colour and an additional Expert level. Once these exams are completed, the candidate is invited to Japan for the practical three-day exam.

Wessels adds: “Although the qualification is very time consuming, I was motivated to complete the diploma as I wanted to improve my knowledge in the field of colour management and prove to myself that I could do it. I now have the utmost confidence in my abilities and know what needs to be done to achieve the necessary results.”

The qualification also benefits customers in that holders have the expert skills to troubleshoot colour problems and set up the correct colour workflow according to each client’s requirements in a straightforward manner.

“With three Diploma in Colour recipients on board at Konica Minolta South Africa, we believe that local printing companies and clients embracing digital colour printing are in excellent hands,” says Konica Minolta South Africa MD, Alan Griffith.

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