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Konica Minolta PageScope Enterprise Suite honoured with BLI “Pick” award

Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI), an independent evaluator of document imaging hardware and software, has announced that Konica Minolta’s PageScope Enterprise Suite 2.1 has won the summer 2011 pick award for the Outstanding Device/Print Management Suite. For the picks, BLI editors and test technicians select the best products evaluated during the previous six months.

“With the introduction of the PageScope Enterprise Suite 2.0 and the updated version 2.1, Konica Minolta has helped develop and improve functionality, fleet management and user convenience for its customers,” says Andrew Griffith, product manager for office products at Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa. “The increasing number of installations and the growing size of PageScope Enterprise Suite user environments prove that this Konica Minolta solution is a very helpful instrument.

“Receiving the Outstanding BLI award underlines this success and provides objective evidence that the PageScope Enterprise Suite is a highly valuable tool for today’s corporate environments.”

BLI technicians found PageScope Enterprise Suite 2.1 to be an impressive suite of applications with an ambitious scope consisting of five integrated modules – the Net Care Device Manager, PageScope Account Manager, PageScope Authentication Manager, PageScope My Print Manager and PageScope My Panel Manager. The suite offers, inter alia, remote device monitoring and management, meter reporting and complete user management – including the ability to set quotas and restrict function usage. It contains accounting functions, secure pull printing and follow-me printing as well as customised control panel screens.

Customers gain all this functionality in a single suite with an integrated installation and common management console, rather than having to deploy individual solutions from different vendors or multiple modules with other solutions. With the PageScope Enterprise Suite Konica Minolta helps administrators, IT specialists and users streamline their work, minimise their efforts and achieve more in less time.

With its pick awards, BLI gives special recognition to the hardware and software products that performed best in BLI’s bi-annual evaluations. Software solutions undergo a comparative hands-on review that focuses on special target markets’ demands. Pick winners rise above the competition in areas such as value, feature set, ease of use, ease of administration, hardware compatibility, software integration, security and support.

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