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Putting Best Business into Practice

In order to ensure that an organisation’s document production process is as effective and efficient as possible, it is essential that the company follow best business practices thus maximising the value of its investment.

So says Marc Pillay, divisional manager: Best Sourcing at Konica Minolta South Africa, who believes that it is the responsibility of service providers within this industry to assist their clients by informing them of the guidelines or methodologies needed to ensure that the best solution is chosen for a specific business challenge and the implementation is delivered in the most intelligent manner.

"Best practices help encourage frequent repeats of success and the avoidance of disappointment and failure," explains Pillay. "From a document production point of view, it enables a company to see whether the solutions it has in place are being over or under utilised. It allows them to calculate current costs and put in controls for better management if necessary."

According to Pillay, it is critical that businesses take such factors as user-to-device distance into consideration. "Devices should not be more than 22 to 25 metres away from employees as the longer someone needs to be away from his desk, the more prolonged the period of unproductive time," he explains.
Meeting and adhering to health and safety regulations is also key, according to Pillay, as organisations should not, for instance, place their MFDs in front of a fire hydrant or an emergency exit.

"Right from the start, a business needs to have a solid device deployment strategy in place - taking usage, the types of job requirements, complexity and finishing requirements such as stapling into consideration. The company also needs to decide upfront which employees may use colour and which black & white."

In addition to the above, Konica Minolta South Africa uses its software solution bizhub quantum to help companies to:
· Analyse status and volumes from all networked document devices;
· Identify usage by device, user or group;
· Automate monthly meter readings and deliver via e-mail;
· Receive notifications when the device is low on supplies;
· Calculate usage and down-time - hourly, daily, weekly or monthly; and
· View status of entire print fleet.

"Essentially, by operating within a best business practice environment, an organisation stands to improve efficiency, increase control and management and save on costs - the benefits could not be clearer," he concludes.

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