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Konica Minolta introduces innovative black and white bizhubs with extra colour

The new Konica Minolta bizhub C220, C280 and C360 models are best equipped for any conceivable challenge in monochrome for everyday document production in the corporate environment or offices and workgroups such as finance and accounting departments, in logistics and many other areas.

These innovative new multifunctional devices (MFPs) even offer colour functionality whenever needed, from printing, copying, faxing or scanning, processing all jobs in high quality at low costs comparable with those of all black and white units. The bizhubs C220, C280 and C360 also fulfill highest ecological standards.

"Our new bizhub series offers advanced and innovative technologies such as the Auto-Refining Developing System (ARDS)," says Andrew Griffith, product manager for office products at Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa. "This smart feature delivers highest print quality by ensuring that the optimum mix of toner and developer is always maintained, and the separate developer unit ensures long lasting consumables."

Konica Minolta’s proprietary ARDS delivers constant and reliable monochrome image quality by continuously refreshing the developer, adding a certain amount with each new toner bottle. It also accounts for an improved efficiency that not only boosts consumables yields but also cuts costs.

The new bizhub series meets the demands of offices and workgroups in many different areas. Due to their multifunctionality, the bizhubs C220, C280 and C360 easily handle all tasks in monochrome or in colour. This makes them the ideal substitute for all the different standalone printers, copiers, scanners and fax units that are still around in many of today’s offices.

With their impressive media competence the new Konica Minolta MFPs process standard paper formats up to A3 Wide as well as any customised size and grammages of up to 271gsm. Paper capacity ranges from a standard 1,150 sheets to an extended 3,650 sheets. Via the bypass, users can easily produce all kinds of special media and banners up to 1.2 metres long. They additionally benefit from the new Konica Minolta bizhub series’ attractive finishing flexibility. With a modular floor-type finisher, a highly compact integrated staple finisher and a job separator, the bizhubs C220, C280 and C360 can be suitably equipped for the individual needs of any office.

As ecological product characteristics are essential, users can rely on the three MFPs to deliver real and comprehensive environmental friendliness. For example, they all feature one of the lowest TEC values in their class. TEC measures an electrical product’s typical electricity consumption per week based on average office use. The bizhubs C220, C280 and C360 also stand out with another top ranking in their class.

Ultra-quiet in operation, they are highly comfortable to work alongside and fit perfectly into any office location.
"These characteristics are part of Konica Minolta’s ecological commitment across the entire supply chain with high recycling standards," says Griffith. "Wherever possible, only reusable materials are processed, while minimal packaging reduces waste and costs.

"Reliable, low cost monochrome printing, copying, scanning and faxing with exceptional colour image quality, this is what users of our new bizhub series get," he adds. "They also particularly benefit from Konica Minolta’s ‘skills to win’ by offering latest technological innovations and total eco-friendliness."

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