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Remote monitoring of output devices maximises performance

Independent of the size of a company, the remote monitoring of output devices can reduce downtime to an absolute minimum and enable proactive service and maintenance. For this reason, Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa has launched CS Remote Care to securely connect customers’ output devices to the Konica Minolta Service Centre via GPRS or e-mail.
Says Greg Griffith, National Software Service Manager at Konica Minolta South Africa: "This highly flexible remote monitoring and diagnostic system relays all relevant data in real-time, alerting our service team of routine maintenance or any other required intervention in a timely fashion to help our customers concentrate on their core business functions.

"Enabling the ahead-planning of all services actions - whether it is the delivery of consumables or the dispatch of a technician - CS Remote Care boosts productivity and efficiency with a range of essential automations."

With CS Remote Care, the connection between a customer’s output device and the Konica Minolta Service Centre enables a precise and detailed transmission of any technical problem, which in turn allows fast and efficient troubleshooting. Remote device analysis then helps determine whether a fault can be rectified remotely or requires on-site attention. In addition, regular remote analysis of connected devices supports early problem recognition and enables the proactive planning of preventive and routine maintenance tasks.
Directly checking the customer’s consumables supply, CS Remote Care includes the ordering of consumables: when the consignment stock reaches a specified minimum, additional consumable quantities are supplied automatically.

"CS Remote Care relieves customers of having to take meter readings and forward these to the Konica Minolta Service Centre," explains Griffith. "It automatically checks volumes at specified intervals, using the transmitted figures as basis for correct invoicing. What’s more, the collected figures enable an exact calculation of the production profile for each individual device, guaranteeing optimised work efficiency."

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