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Konica Minolta SA’s bizhub DocumentNavigator unites past and future document systems

Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa has launched bizhub DocumentNavigator to bridge the gap between disparate paper filing and electronic document management systems (EDMS) by uniting existing and future requirements for document availability, archival and retrieval.
Combining powerful features with ease-of-use, bizhub DocumentNavigator delivers documents on demand. It automatically formats and tags critical information and ensures delivery to the right destination, improving efficiency, reducing errors and saving money.

According to Mohammed Vachiat, product manager at Konica Minolta South Africa, bizhub DocumentNavigator is supported by selected models within the bizhub info-line series, providing a seamless interface compatible with many existing document management systems and procedures.
"The solution can also integrate with existing document scanners, enabling organisations to leverage value from existing equipment whilst revolutionising their document-handling capability.
"bizhub DocumentNavigator represents a powerful and flexible document management solution, which can be used and managed intuitively to release information locked in archives, locate business-critical information in a timely manner, control your documents and costs and increase efficiency," he states.
With bizhub DocumentNavigator, employees can simply and quickly scan documents to any network folder, e-mail, ERP or CRM system or directly to a central server via FTP. It can be integrated into existing corporate Active Directory/LDAP address books, ensuring instantaneous document distribution and eliminating or reducing manual filing and retrieval as well as traditional mail delivery.
bizhub DocumentNavigator reduces and automates complex processing stages involved with document workflow by automatically recognising document features such as barcodes, tick boxes or other document content and routing documents for further processing or electronic archiving. It allows editable text from electronic image files or paper documents with optical character recognition conversion formats including Microsoft Word, Excel and Searchable PDF.
Converting documents into various electronic formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF and XML is also very simple. Small file sizes can be achieved and key words or metadata can be added enabling uncomplicated document indexing and retrieval.

The authentication functionality of bizhub DocumentNavigator enables administrators to identify users and allow specific access rights and privileges to certain process templates and file-stores, based on login credentials. User information can be customised on a multifunctional device’s (MFD) touch screen with visual icons or terminology commonly used by an organisation.
"At just the touch of a button, every employee, even inexperienced ones, can utilise document workflow that is tailored to the organisation’s specific requirements. With bizhub DocumentNavigator, you can expand your bizhub MFD into a genuine high performance interface to your document management system and processes," Vachiat adds.

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