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Konica Minolta SA introduces bizhub quantum

Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa has launched its bizhub quantum concept, a process that will allow the company and its partners to help businesses rationalise and reduce the total cost of their document production processes.
"The name bizhub quantum is based on the Latin word ‘quantus’ meaning ‘how much?’, an apt question when it comes to our document production proposal," explains Andrew Griffith, digital product specialist at Konica Minolta South Africa. "We believe that it also represents a quantum leap forward for organisations in the management of their printing and imaging costs.

"Through bizhub quantum, Konica Minolta South Africa is offering a no obligation, free audit of any document production process to help businesses determine their costs and identify areas in which they can streamline workflow, enhance productivity and lower costs. Most importantly however, this service is about enabling companies to understand that sweating their current printing assets may not be a good idea, particularly while their bottom lines are under pressure."

According to Griffith, the bizhub quantum concept is built around a number of steps, where a business’ current output and workflow processes are analysed with the aim of reducing the amount of time the employee spends on the creation of documents and making a lasting improvement on the quality of documents produced.

"By recording all of a company’s current printing systems and prices - from expenses for printer hardware, consumables, services and maintenance, as well as the depreciation of machines, their locations, segments and service lives - examining the existing systems to ensure that they are running cost efficiently and establishing a single cost per copy or print for all copy and print systems, we can find where unnecessary expenses can be decreased and the workflow process improved."

Once the cost, device utilisation and productivity implication results are finalised, down to the individual machine, they are presented to a company’s management along with suggested avenues for improvement.

"Konica Minolta South Africa truly believes that organisations that do not consider the costs of their printing and imaging assets are losing out on a great opportunity to save significant amounts of money," adds Griffith

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