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About Us

Konica Minolta SA assists in driving down costs, improving productivity

As part of its initiative to assist local companies in cutting document production costs, Konica Minolta SouthAfricais offering a number of solutions that allow businesses to better manage and control these products and processes.

Says Mohammed Vachiat, product manager at Konica Minolta South Africa: "By using our applications, customers have access to comprehensive solutions that integrate fully into existing workflows or provide a valuable optimisation of the most diverse processes.Users will gain not only an entirely customised solution but also a much improved workflow, resulting in enhanced productivity and achieving a competitive edge."

From advancing access and control of a company’s information through a central hub, to improving expense management and managing document access via the web, Konica Minolta South Africa is focused on helping businesses not only save time, but also to reduce costs and increase productivity.

"The solutions within our INFORMETA basket of offerings provide users with a number of value added features, enabling them to easily scan and store files, search and retrieve documents, create and update one-touch dialling lists, manage print jobs, maintain user authentication accounts and print with desktop drag-and-drop simplicity. We can give users print and copy management capabilities from a single database, while helping to set budgets and providing visibility of usage by individual departments within a business," explains Vachiat.

"Information is every organisation’s most valuable asset. But, regardless of how much data an organisation stores, it is useless if users cannot find, retrieve and apply its content in activities within their business," he says. "Professionals spend over 150 hours annually, looking for incorrectly filed documents and over 500 hours reviewing and routing files. (Source:International Records Management Council Study). This highlights the need for user-friendly electronic document and content management."

Konica Minolta South Africa enables users to access valued information from anywhere at any time, facilitating the management of numerous file types as attachments, saving time and space to retrieve and seamlessly integrating with multiple Konica Minolta MFDs.

"In addition, our clients are able to appropriately manage on-demand production printing, allocating print jobs in the most effective manner: including colour splitting and cluster printing, both particularly welcome for the efficient rapid completion of mission-critical jobs."

"Finally, from a Variable Data Printing (VDP) point of view, Konica Minolta South Africa also allows users to replace pre-printed forms running on legacy and impact printing equipment, enabling direct connectivity to external databases," Vachiat adds.

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