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DEVELOP South Africa brings light to economic crunch

Backed by services, trading and distribution company, Bidvest, DEVELOP South Africa, a new player within the document production and management space focusing on enterprise development and skills transferal within the local marketplace, has been officially launched.
Says Marc Pillay, general manager of DEVELOP South Africa: “The print, copy, fax and scan sector is a lucrative industry seeing exponential growth worldwide, particularly within the colour multifunctional device market segment. With multiple income streams - from hardware sales, copy/ print revenue and additional services, to software services and third party peripheral software revenue – it represents a sustainable space with a wealth of growth prospects.”

Pillay believes that this growing market provides the opportunity to develop and employ South Africans, particularly black entrepreneurs, and assist in bringing the country’s steady “brain drain” to a halt.
“DEVELOP is an international brand with strong roots in development and customer satisfaction. The general principle of the company is one of ‘dynamic balance’ – with the ‘dynamic’ part representing innovative power within the product arena, coupled with the ability to flexibly respond to market requirements, while ‘balance’ refers to unrestricted customer satisfaction and a strong relationship with business partners.”
DEVELOP South Africa will operate on an owner operated/ franchise basis, with the ideal candidate showing a strong business acumen, an entrepreneurial spirit, a good understanding of the print/ copy industry, a solid work ethic and strong people skills.

“Bidvest’s role in this operation will be to support the selected individuals with business mentorship, product and sales training, industry insight and both technical and accounting guidance, hand-in-hand with DEVELOP South Africa,” he explains.
“By using these resources, we hope to coach and develop black entrepreneurs specifically, teaching them how to run their own businesses and, ultimately, strengthening the local print, copy, fax and scan market.
“We believe, particularly in light of the tough economic times being experienced the world over, that DEVELOP is being launched in South Africa at exactly the right time and presents a very exciting initiative for the local business person.,” Pillay concludes.

DEVELOP South Africa, Marc Pillay, (011) 661-9097,

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