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Konica Minolta SA moves offices in Cape Town

Bidvest company, Konica Minolta South Africa, the principal importer and distributor of the bizhub range of multifunctional products, laser printers and fax machines in southern Africa, recently moved offices in Cape Town. The company can now be found on Mike Pienaar Boulevard in Bellville.

Konica Minolta South Africa currently has two branches in the Western Cape and a further three dealers. Initially based in centre of town, the Cape Town operation had, over the years, moved to Mowbray, Observatory and now to Bellville. Branch manager, Dave Clark, explains that it became necessary for the organisation to move to bigger premises due to the growth of the business.

"In terms of determining our new location, visibility was a factor, as well as accessibility to our clients and staff across the Peninsula. We also wanted to find upmarket premises that would allow for future growth." Hence the new building includes large stores and despatch areas.

Konica Minolta in the Western Cape has a staff complement of 80, which includes a team of internationally trained technical and software engineers. The offices carry their own stock of machines, spares and supplies and clients experience some of the quickest delivery times in the Cape.

Clients include most South African blue chip companies, but the range of multifunctional bizhubs allow for businesses of any size to enjoy superior performance and after-sales service. In total, Konica Minolta South Africa has 14 branches and more than 40 dealers in southern Africa.

The company opened its doors 100 years ago in Cape Town. Back then it was called Helios and first specialised in blueprints, then plan printers and later copiers. It was licenced already then to market Minolta copiers. Through the years, Minolta has had many world-firsts in the copier business, including the world's first zoom copiers, first micro toner copiers and later simul colour copiers.

The Minolta and Konica factories merged a few years ago and established the Konica Minolta brand. Konica Minolta South Africa was awarded the rights to market Konica Minolta and bizhub office machines and the company naming rights in South Africa.

Today the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Limited and boasts more than 400 sister companies, including McCarthy, Waltons and Steiner, to name but a few. Konica Minolta South Africa can be reached on 021 941 4500.


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