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Internationally trained colour expert for Konica Minolta

To bolster its success as “Best Performer of the Year”, awarded by Konica Minolta Business Technologies (KMBT) Japan in 2006 and 2007, Konica Minolta South Africa (KMSA) now boasts its first internationally trained colour expert. KMSA MD Alan Griffith says investing in specialised and international colour training for its staff is a significant step for the company. “Professional training has always been at the top of the agenda for KMSA and last year we were placed amongst the top three distributors for the technical training of its employees by Japan,” he says.

KMSA’s newly registered colour expert, production supervisor, Leon Minnie, was the company’s first representative to be enlisted for an intensive colour examination, which is conducted by KMBT in Japan. Minnie says the colour diploma is not merely a once-off test in Japan. “It comprises a sophisticated on-line learning system called KMIT (Konica Minolta Information Technology) whereby learners are required to complete various levels (Associated, Professional, Expert and Master) of KMIT before enrolling for the final exam,” he says. Each level consists of various modules and learners are expected to undergo a pre-test, learn the material and complete a test with a pass rate of between 70% and 80%, depending on the module. Once all KMIT levels are completed, learners are required to brush up on their knowledge of Adobe Suite, Corel Draw, Quark Xpress, Microsoft Office and EFI Graphics Art Packages. “Having an in-depth understanding of these applications is the only way colour professionals are able to carry through trouble shooting skills on client applications and artwork.

We also need to know how to create, work with, edit and manage colour profiles within applications and on Konica Minolta products in order to set up a controlled colour workflow to avoid colour inconsistency. The workflow includes the evaluation of a colour-centric environment and its effect on colour management,” says Minnie. The exam included five modules: preparation of hardware and software; management setting within DTP application in DTP workflow; trouble shooting DTP application; troubleshooting colour wise / Fiery controller; and trouble shooting complete workflow. “The exam was conducted on both PC and Apple Mac platforms to test my knowledge for any environment – advertising, printing and office,” says Minnie.

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