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Ground breaking software boosts bizhub production range

Since the introduction of its first production device in 2005, Konica Minolta South Africa (KMSA) has entrenched itself firmly in the production print market. To boost the efficiency of its production range, it has introduced MicroPress, the latest in digital prepress and workflow management technology. KMSA digital product specialist Andrew Griffith says KMSA is currently the only supplier of the document make-ready solution in South Africa. “MicroPress was developed by long term industry leader for the supply of Fiery print controllers, EFI, and is designed to meet the demands of heavy production print environments. The product represents a quantum leap in workflow software and is yet another value proposition to accompany our production range,” he says. Griffith says MicroPress will have strong appeal to the rapidly growing print-on-demand market, particularly in the production and publishing industry.

“It means that CRD departments, commercial print houses and print-for-pay environments will have greater flexibility in managing documents while providing quicker turn around times for the shorter customised print runs that their clients are demanding. “Our production range coupled with MicroPress provides the production and publishing industry with the required flexibility, productivity and print-on-demand capabilities for short run jobs that is unrivalled,” says Griffith. MicroPress will be an option on the Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 920, bizhub PRO 1050, bizhub PRO C500 and the new bizhub PRO C6500, which will be introduced later in the year. Griffith says MicroPress is a postRIP application that offers users enormous advancement in speed, document editing, colour editing, job management, load balancing and colour splitting. “All these features are bundled into an intuitive and user friendly interface called PrintStation Manager,” he says. There are two versions of MicroPress available to KMSA customers, MicroPress Prodigy, pre-press and workflow management solution for single engine configurations, and MicroPress Professional, which boasts increased functionality capable of handling up to four engines.

Additional utilities included in PrintStation Manager, the control tool for all print jobs and where most of the document make-ready features are situated, are TrueEdit, a document preview function that also provides editing functions; TrueColor, which provides outstanding colour matching and manipulation capabilities for the bizhub PRO C500; and TrueImage for maximising print quality in black and white and fine tuning quality settings. OCR software is optional on the Prodigy solution and is supplied as standard on the Professional solution. MicroPress runs off Windows XP using its own DELL Optiplex platform and server specifications include a Pentium 4 3.4GHz processor, 1GB RAM (bizhub C500) or 512MB (bizhub 920 and bizhub 1050), 160GB HDD, DVD and RW combo, and two on board network interface cards. MicroPress from KMSA provides extremely powerful document make-ready, processing and print capabilities, making any production print environment faster and more profitable.

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