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Curbing those black holes of cost

Konica Minolta South Africa’s Professional Services (KMPS) division has secured the exclusive rights to distribute document accounting solution, Pcounter, in South Africa. The solution is designed to help companies curb costs relating to printing and copying. KMPS manager, Mohammed Vachiat, says with its excellent features and affordable pricing, Pcounter has always been a vigorous competitor in the document accounting market. “When the opportunity arose for KMPS to become exclusive suppliers of Pcounter in South Africa, the division conducted extensive testing of the product and we are now proud to include it in our suite of offerings,” he says Vachiat says document production accounts for about 10% of a company’s annual spend.

“Being able to effectively curtail waste and misuse of print devices can dramatically benefit the bottom line,” he says. Pcounter is a flexible and highly scalable network server-based document management and accounting solution that provides a wide range of cost control, cost recovery and security capabilities. Vachiat says any organisation, be they academic, professional, architectural or public sector institutions, will benefit from Pcounter. “Pcounter is ideal for identifying “black holes” of cost in an organisation and helping justify the rationalisation and re-allocation of print resources and implementation of a print policy in the organisation,” he says. Benefits of installing Pcounter include total document accountability, that is, who printed what, where, when and how many copies; accurate assessment of print volumes across all print devices; cost savings through the elimination of waste and misuse; monitors and enforces defined print policy; cost recovery options for academic and professional services; total control across charging environments; and security and confidentiality of output. Vachiat says Pcounter provides real-time enforcement of restrictions that help to limit waste and misuse.
“Prices and rules can be set per device and multiple users can apply to one device. By examining certain criteria of print jobs, specific actions can be triggered, for example, depending on the size and type of print job, it can either be put on pause, sent to the back of the queue, re-directed to another device or charged for,” he says. In addition, professional service companies can use Pcounter to ensure project costs are accounted for and charged when appropriate. A PopUp feature enforces the use of charge codes or client codes that can be used to recover costs internally or externally by charging back for printing. All print job details are logged to provide a secure audit trail. Reports are available by user or by printer in several categories such as client code, user number of jobs, number of pages, hourly/daily page counts.

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