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Variable data printing on Minolta SA devices offer savings and flexibility

Variable data printing (VDP) is now a standard feature of all Bidvest Group company, Minolta South Africa’s, range of Konica Minolta monochrome and colour multifunctional digital devices that print 25 pages per minute and more. VDP boosts the quality and success chances of customised mailings generated by direct-mail agencies, print-for-pay shops, central resource departments (CRDs) and a wider variety of public sector institutions. Minolta SA digital product specialist, Andrew Griffith, says VDP offers companies more flexibility and cost savings than ever before because they no longer need to stock vast quantities of pre-printed stationery like letterheads, compliment slips, flyers or brochures. “If addresses, numbers or directors names change, VDP allows the organisation to change its details at no additional cost because there are no re-design or re-print costs.

The key feature of print-on-demand is that you only print what you want, when you want it,” says Griffith. In the past only devices using Fiery technology offered users VDP solutions. “Now all these devices have Print Controllers incorporating this feature, which makes variable data printing in the office quick, easy and cost effective,” says Griffith. Griffith says VDP boosts the communication value of direct mailings or company brochures by allowing users to individualise each printout. In addition, by combining data from separate source applications into a single layout at the printer server, print times are shortened and network traffic reduced. Griffith says while most VDP solutions offered by word-processing programs are slow, difficult to use and limited in their layout potential, Konica Minolta’s Overlay function allows users the opportunity to create sophisticated personalised documents with ease and print them quickly.
“VDP is the technical prerequisite for personalised communication measures and allows print shops the opportunity to expand business, and central resource departments the chance to extend the services they provide for other departments within a company. “A more effective use of database content cuts the cost of mass mailings and tackles the problem of producing huge amounts of paper that nobody reads. VDP also opens up new areas of printing that exploit the more sophisticated features of state-of-the-art digital multifunctional devices,” says Griffith.

The Konica Minolta’s Overlay function is particularly suitable for personalising low-volume, colour-rich mailings and designed to deliver fast colour output in Mac or Windows based PostScript environments, offering broad language support, a rich set of layout imports and page-based output options. Griffith says documents can be designed with variable text of any colour or size of font and with variable images in all major file formats. “The Konica Minolta VDP offering is compatible with all major database formats and offers conditional database manipulation functions and a database filter. “Because the VDP function is integrated into the print driver there is no need for additional software to be purchased, loaded and managed.”

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