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New equitrac optimises printer and copier management, contains costs of rising paper volumes

Bidvest Group company, Minolta South Africa, has announced the launch of Equitrac Office 4, an updated version of the cost recovery system that allows companies to electronically manage and bill for the time and costsassociated with document creation. Minolta Integrated Systems Information Exchange (MiSix) product manager, Mohammed Vachiat, says Equitrac Office 4provides IT managers and systems administrators with simple yet powerful tools for central networked control of the entire printer and copierfleet. “It allows for easy application and modification of rules, real-time device monitoring and advanced automated reporting for accurate and detailed analysis of device usage, service and deployment needs,” he says. Equipped with a new Device Monitoring Engine (DME), Equitrac Office 4 enables effective management of the entire infrastructure of devices through a combination of real-time monitoring, intelligent rules-based alerts, a dynamic device status-based document routing capability and reporting on device faults and availability. Equitrac Office 4’s new Color Quota Management feature enables businesses to confidently introduce colour into the office environment, while controlling colour output through rules that determine who may print to colour devices and how much output they may produce. Office 4 supports networked multifunctional devices from every major office equipment manufacturer and is available as a device-embedded or terminal-based solution. Direct integration with existing IT infrastructure is enabled by vendor-neutral support of multiple print workflows, database types, operating systems and user identification methods.

With full support for Window Active Directory and authentication through LDAP, the solution is compatible and scalable to businesses, government and other corporate IT environments. Also available in a Small Business Edition, Equitrac Office 4 easily scales from small, single-server sites up to multi-location enterprises with thousands of printers and tens of thousands of users. Several new features solidify Equitrac 4’s reputation among corporate and office IT managers and systems administrators, including:

• Comprehensive rules and dynamic document routing enhancements, enabling automatic job routing to available printers and reducing support requirements by eliminating the need to respond to emergency help-desk calls caused by low toner or paper misfeeds.

• Proactive fault detection and timely error notification through rules-based messaging, enabling tracking of device status and history.

• Enhanced administrator capabilities for easy tracking of jobs deleted from or abandoned in the print queue, supporting detailed analysis and understanding of the impact and cost-savings benefits of secure release functionality.

• Enhanced document release capabilities, including improved Follow-You printing that allows users to securely output a job on any advice, across print servers, anywhere in the enterprise.

• New “Send To” printing capabilities that let users share documents with other individuals or a distribution list, allowing secure document distribution at any Follow You printer in the enterprise.

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