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Minolta SA undisputed leader in colour since 2000

Bidvest Group company, Minolta South Africa, has topped the colour copier / printer market for the fifth consecutive year since 2000 and its share of the colour market grew from 43.8% in 2004 to 47.3% in 2005,according to the results of the recent InfoSource Spring 2006 survey. Minolta SA colour division manager, Marianna Gdanis, says the results show Minolta SA retained the lead in Segment 3 (13 – 29 pages per minute (ppm)) with a 53% share and Segment 5 (50+ ppm) with 42%. “The most significant growth took place in Segment 3 where we grew our unit placements by 59%,” she says.
Gdanis says the growth in Segment 3 was not unexpected. “We had specifically targeted the segment for growth last year and it’s a segment we dominate, with our nearest competitor placed at 18%,” she says. Gdanis says Minolta SA remained in the lead even though colour capable (monochrome with colour capability) devices now form part of the survey. “The demand for full colour products, which is what Minolta SA offers with its Konica Minolta range, remains higher than the demand for colour capable products,” she says.

As a whole Minolta SA’s colour division experienced a unit growth of 61% last year, which continues to mirror the global explosion of the colour market and the ongoing demand for faster, better quality and value-for-money colour devices. “Gdanis says the need for speed is evident in the dwindling sales in Segment 1 and Segment 2. “Only 39 machines we sold in these segments whereas overall unit sales in Segment 3 increased from 558 in 2004 to 1034 in 2005. “We are also very pleased with our performance in Segment 5, the production colour segment. These products offer users high quality and high volume performance, printing anything up to 150,000 colour pages per month,” says Gdanis.

The company’s success in the colour market is not surprising. Konica Minolta was acknowledged as the 2005 BERTL Readers’ Choice End User Winner for colour productivity. IT managers and business buyers from 56 countries word-wide participated in the Readers’ Choice survey to determine the most outstanding manufacturers in the digital imaging marketplace from the perspective of end users. Survey respondents rated 32 manufacturers on the performance of equipment, service, reliability, productivity and value. In addition, Konica Minolta colour range received the 2005 BERTL Readers’ Choice Reseller award as the most outstanding manufacturer of digital imaging devices, this time from the perspective of resellers. Here 32 manufacturers were rated on, amongst others, quality and reliability of products, marketing support, training and profitability.

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