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Minolta SA leads mid to high end digital copier market

Bidvest Group company, Minolta South Africa’s monochrome division is leading the monochrome digital copier market in Segment 2 (20 – 39 copies per minute (cpm)) and Segment 4 (60 – 89 cpm), according to the results of the recent InfoSource Spring 2006 survey. Minolta SA copier division manager, Paul Symonds, says Minolta SA leads Segment 2 with a 16% share of the market and Segment 4 with 40%. “Last year we targeted Segment 2 for growth and have built up a comprehensive range of highly affordable and versatile devices. The Konica Minolta bizhub 250 and bizhub 350 have been moving particularly well,” he says.

The company’s success in Segment 4 (its nearest competitor is at 9,5%) can be attributed to the success of its high volume machines like the Konica Minolta Di7210 and Di850. Symonds says Minolta SA is likely to maintain its lead in the high volume sectors and make substantial in-roads into Segment 5 (90+ cpm) with machines aimed at the production print market such as the Konica Minolta bizhub PRO 1050 and bizhub PRO 920. “In June alone we sold seven bizhub 1050 machines and twelve bizhub 920’s. In fact, monochrome digital printer division has recorded an 89% increase in sales in the first quarter of 2006 compared to the first quarter of 2005, a result that can be attributed to Minolta SA’s foray into the production printing market as well as significant success in the tender business,” says Symonds.

The Konica Minolta business technology range is benefiting from all R&D efforts being focused on it since the closure of Konica Minolta’s camera business, as well as from the Konica and Minolta merger. “All devices under the Konica Minolta banner have benefited from the intensified R&D efforts and from the combining of technologies, which has resulted in highly sophisticated offerings,” says Symonds.

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