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Camera closure does not impact on Minolta SA’s Technology Business

Leading supplier in the colour copier/printer market over the past five years, Minolta South Africa has introduced new products that take colour precision to a new level. EFI Color Profiler Kit is software that allows users to create accurate, high-quality International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles for most PostScript colour printers, to be used to print from industry standard applications and platforms – in-house and in minutes. Minolta SA colour division manager, Marianna Gdanis, says EFI Color Profiler is a colour management system designed to achieve the best possible results from colour devices. “The product is aimed at graphics arts, print on demand and production print environments where the quest for perfect colour is tantamount,” she says. Gdanis says most copier/printers in these industries have Fiery print controllers, which offer in-RIP colour management. “EFI Color Profiler takes colour management a step further and allows for the customising and creation of profiles depending on printers, monitors and paper types in use.

It allows users to create the correct printer profiles that are ICC compliant and offer colour consistency across devices,” she says. EFI Color Profiler for Monitors is designed to help monitors deliver accurate colour output on Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technologies. Interactive instructions make profiling very simple. A high precision EFI Spectrometer ES-1000 is attached to the monitor to automatically measure the monitor’s full colour gamut. This produces a standard ICC profile that is properly installed in the user’s computer, ready to interact with modern software. The spectrometer is a fast, handheld measurement device that measures the full visible spectrum of light reflected from colour samples. It can also be used to measure daily colour fluctuations of the printer for calibration purposes. The instrument measures up to 928 patches on four colour pages for uploading to the computer when needed. The EFI Color Profiler standard workflow is simple and follows three steps, that is, printing colour patches through Adobe Acrobat (PDF), measuring the patches and creating the profile. In addition, EFI Color Profiler can prepare patch pages that are suitable for practically any CMYK PostScript printer by setting specific options. Since patch pages are prepared in a PDF format, any printer that can handle PDF files can print them.

These can be downloaded or sent through a printer driver with device-specific PPD demands. Another software package introduced by Minolta SA is the Graphics Art Package: Premium Edition for graphic art professionals to achieve optimum colour output from any Pre-Press and Microsoft Office application by managing individual RGB and spot colours to the equivalent CMYK colours. The package guarantees colour consistency of corporate colours across all documents, for example, if a print job specifies a full blue colour by its RGB values of <0, 0, 225>, it can be replaced with a CMYK colour that is <100%, 0%, 50%, 0%> (blue green). This permits exact colour control and the override of individual RGB colours with the CMYK equivalent breakdown. Graphics Art Package eliminates spot colour rework with late stage colour editing without the need to open the native original application. Gdanis says the EFI Color Profiler Kit and Graphics Art Package are backed up by software support from highly trained engineers who are qualified to work on customers’ application software on both Mac and Windows PCs. “Our specialist support division is headed up by Leon Minnie, who has undergone one-on-one training at EFI in Europe.

In addition, all our engineers have worked in the printing industry and have a full understanding of customer deadlines, printing environments and colour issues,” she says. Gdanis says Minolta’s position as a leader in the colour market can be attributed to more than just the supply of state of the art colour products. “We offer our clients added value in terms of service, technical expertise and the opportunity to get the best possible performance from their devices,” she says.

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